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Project: Interior Design with Economical Approach


Details: The space is a part of a society's club. The cellar area was columnar and also structurally monotonous. The room had to have two separate spaces, one for a regular footfall and another for sporadic niche footfall. The  client requirements were pretty difficult to meet since it had to be economical and user-friendly. There was a brief for acoustic materials to balance out the echo in the room.  

Since there were budget considerations, the acoustics were done by the egg crate put aesthetically like the Tetris game making people nostalgic. Ropes around the middle columns for covering the sharp edges and acoustical balance of the whole area. The distinct demarcation between the billiards and TT area not just by flooring but also by the walls and spectators area around. Thus in a small game room, all the things, including small distractions like darts and tic-tac-toe, made it cohesive for different users.

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