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MokSHrey is a compliment of Mokshi and Shrey, who are young design enthusiasts whose purpose is to shape the building spaces in wholesome and more personalized areas. We provide end to end solutions incorporating designing from smaller to bigger areas like from small rooms to houses, from buildings to public parks, from courtyards to terraces. 

Our main aim is to provide consultancy in the fields of Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape.



is an ardent receptor of analyzing natural therapeutic spaces and has proposed and designed healing spaces for the public realm. She is extremely sensitive about how behavior change can be complimented by the dimensions a person perceives.
Having worked with eminent architectural firms, combined with the design accolade from Politecnico Di Milano, her alma Mater (7th best college in the world for architecture), she imparts holistic sustainable design with a very pragmatic approach.
Her experience, be it giving shape to a project or executing that on to the ground has been her forte.
From personalized small spaces to designing public areas engulfing acres of land, she has tackled the problems of different projects with reasonable improvisations and solutions.



works predominantly on a thought process that whatever we possess naturally should be utilized in the most optimum manner as Tactical Urbanism.
His researches on redesigning unused public areas with a formal upliftment of the cultural aspect for the general public and also in the field of ecology had paved the way for him to accentuate quite unusual theses in both graduation from SPA Vijayawada and also in post graduation from Politecnico Di Milano, Italy.
He had not only been associated with the best architects in India like Ar. Karan Grover at K.G.A. in Vadodara and Studio Symbiosis in Noida but also he was the Assistant Professor in Hindustan University for his fondness of imparting knowledge.
He thinks just building walls won't suffice but building dimensions and a cohesive environment of green with grey, open with closed and built with unbuilt, is also equally necessary.
His principle is that the best design comes out only with the camaraderie between designer and a client and only then the benchmarks are made.

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