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Project: Landscape Design


Details: The project is a huge green area in a house, i.e. the angaan of the house. This indoor landscape project is the adjacent 400 years space of the garden in an 800 yards household premiseThere wasn't a major problem but to reshuffle the existing pots and planters in an organized manner and also making a break out space for small gatheringsWithal to the aesthetics of the garden, the kitchen garden and area for pets was majorly infused

We started with zoning of different areas in the garden like functional, aesthetics and utility. Utility for the kitchen garden and pets, functional is for the break out decked up space and aesthetics is for the rock garden and pot garden. The periphery of the house was bottomed array of pots in a linear fashion. The point was to keep the emphasis of the existing waterfall, just accentuating it by placing a deity/sculpture with a decked up seating around.

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